The Boulder Burgundy Festival adds two new causes this year

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Now in its fifth year, the Boulder Burgundy Festival continues to support locally based charities like the Growe Foundation and the Davis Finney Foundation with proceeds from the gathering.

This year, festival founder Brett Zimmerman has added two new causes: The Family Learning Center and There with Care.

The Family Learning Center “is an inclusive community where children and families of all races and cultures, and from all walks of life, are welcomed. We believe that family and community offer the best support system for healthy social, academic, civic, and ethical development. By offering educational opportunities to the entire family, we create families who value education, self-reliance, and community service.”

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There with Care provides “support to hundreds of families being treated at 12 hospitals and medical facilities across Colorado. Through the kindness of volunteers, generosity of business owners and the philanthropy of donors, we have been able to ease many of the burdens of children and families facing critical illness.”

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